Friday, October 1, 2010

Eye Spy

Wow, October 1.  Where did July, August, and September go?  Good grief.  I remember my grandmother and I sitting in the yard under big pecan trees in the summer time, in green chairs, like this one ------>>>>

And I would be making my Christmas list in July eating ice milk and playing Eye Spy (I would spy something green just to make it last longer.)  And I can remember feeling like the days just took forever, that winter would never come.  And I remember her telling me that as I got older that time would go by faster.  She had to have been around 50 when we had this conversation.  I'm 40 now, and she seemed old, grandmotherly, and smelled of Rose Milk. 

In 10 years I will be 50, my daughter will be almost 24.  

Please God, let it slow down just a little bit.  It's all going by so fast.  Grandma Cleo, I miss you, I miss the house, the yard, and Christmas with you and the family. 

McKenna, write it down so you can remember, and mom, take the time to play Eye Spy with your granddaughters.  It's important today, but also for their tomorrows.