Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stepping onto the narrow road..

It is time. Time to step off the wide road and through the narrow gate. It is so easy to follow the wide path. To follow others, to give into culture, "the world" and just go with the flow. I have done that for many years. I have worried about what man thought and placed God on a shelf that I only took down on the weekends, or at holidays or in an emergency. I didn't understand that choosing God was a daily, hourly, minute by minute decision. One that required my active participation.

This blog is a step through that gate. An opportunity to share with others not only how awesome God is (as if that wasn't enough) but also how God is real, God works, and God can work for EVERYONE. Will you join me on this path? Will you chose to walk through that small gate into a relationship with the One who loves you.

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