Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Headaches and heart aches.

It's 10:21 PM, yes I capitalized that for a reason. I'm usually asleep by now, but not tonight. Tonight I will be getting up every few hours to ensure that my precious daughter is okay. She ran into a wall tonight at church, hard, and has a huge bump on her forehead, right between her eyes. It's huge, I think we will name it Beatrice. That's a good name for a bump of that size.

I have a feeling we will wake up to see two beautiful black eyes in the morning. She is supposed to go to camp this weekend and I'm sure she's just going to love looking like she got beat up in a bar fight. It's makes me feel so helpless when she gets hurt. I know that God has not given me a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, of love and a sound mind. So I won't give into the fear. A few years ago we would have immediately had to go to the emergency room because she wouldn't have had the platelets to clot and stop the bleeding, but thank God at her last doctors appointment her platelets were good, so she's just like any other kid, right?

But she's not any other kid, she's my kid, the light that God shined in my life when everything else was so dark. She taught me how to truly give love and to understand how to receive God's love, and through her and through Him I found my way out. She is a living breathing testimony to God's grace and forgiveness, because even with everything that I ever did wrong, all the mistakes I made, God saw my heart and gave her to me.

So even though my brain feels that she is okay, and I am praying without ceasing tonight that she will be okay, I will get up every two hours and check her, I will spend the time in between praying to God for healing and good rest for her, and in a few days, after she is better, she and I will talk about running around in the dark and how important it is to only run in the Light.

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