Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Coffee Talk Wednesday

We are just starting out on a new adventure. Coffee Talk Wednesdays will be a day to discuss a book. We have the living, breathing version at my house on Tuesday night and then I will be posting here on Wednesdays.

The book we are going through right now is called, “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God” by Lysa TerKeurst. This book helped me to grow deeper in my relationship with God by helping me to understand what having a relationship with God was truly about.

I will be talking about chapter 1 today, “A Soul That Longs For More.” If you are doing our coffee talk online great! Please feel free to leave comments on the blog, or if you need to talk one-on-one, shoot me an email Leigh at leighfrance dot com. (You have to spell it that way so that spam bots don’t track down email addresses. I will be putting a contact button on my blog soon, as soon as I can figure out how.)

When I start a new book that I am looking at to answer a question or to further equip me in something I try to make sure I have several things with me while I am reading. I get post-it notes, a journal, bright colored index cards, my bible and a pen. For this chapter I went through and highlighted the bible verses that were referenced, wrote them down on the end of my index card and found them in my bible. I placed the cards there and would jot down thoughts that came to me as I read those scriptures. When this chapter is done I will write the scripture out on the card and use it to help me memorize that scripture. Scripture memorization is something I struggle with. I can remember song verses from 20 years ago but I can’t remember passage and verse to God’s Word, so I find different ways to help me.

I also write, highlight, underline throughout the book I am reading. If my thoughts are “too big” for the margin that’s where my journal comes in. I reference the date, book and page number and then write down where my thoughts take me. Sometimes it’s a question, sometimes is a sudden revelation, and sometimes it might be a reminder to pick up milk (seriously) but WHATEVER is on my heart I have found the reason it is there will become clear at some point.

Chapter 1 A Soul That Longs For More.

Longing. Most of the time what we long for is something out of our reach, perhaps it’s a husband or a wife, perhaps it is a job, or a better job, perhaps it is a child, or perhaps it’s for something less tangible.

Sometimes our souls long for acceptance, approval, love, understanding, forgiveness, and sometimes, the one thing that our soul longs for is something even more, bigger, wider, and deeper then we can put a name on. Sometimes what our souls are truly longing for is a living, breathing, touchable, hearable, meaningful relationship with our God.

Lysa talks about some of the moments that God placed a burden on her heart to do something that was outside her comfort zone. How she was able to bless someone by her obedience to God, but how she, in turn was given so much more. She calls these “divine appointments” and I love that but she goes on to say:
“How many times have I told You no, God? How many times because I was too tired, too insecure, too uncertain, too busy, or too selfish have I walked right past Your divine appointment for me and missed experiencing You?”

I cannot count how many times I have told God no and I missed it. I missed getting to experience God working.

It’s time to take a step into the unknown and become a woman who says yes to God.

During my study time I realized that I do not have to be perfect before I can say yes. I don’t have to have it all together, know all the answers, or have more money, more time, more ________. I just needed to say yes and give up control to the One who controls the universe.

Giving up control.

Woman today have earned the right to vote, we have earned equal pay for equal work (most of the time), we have broken the glass ceiling in many careers and the world is our oyster. We work, raise our kids, some take care of their parents as well, love our husbands, balance the checkbook, run our household, etc. It is no wonder we are so tired. The world has told us over and over again that we have to fix it and we have to be in control but the ironic thing is, we aren’t.

Control is a perception. I control the car I drive, but if my car breaks down, that’s out of my control. I can discipline my child, but if she chooses to disobey then it is out of my control. I can work hard at my job and make all the right decisions, but if the company decides to lay me off, that is out of my control. There is only One who truly has control. Who can keep me safe in my travels, help me to raise a child, and can put me in a better situation is I should lose my job. Saying yes to God means letting go of that control.

Lysa sums up this chapter with six very powerful words,
“Whatever God says do, do it.”
I couldn’t put it any better, so I’m not going to try, but I am going to take another step closer to my God and be ready to do WHATEVER He says do.

Study these verses to find out more:
Deuteronomy 6:5
Psalm 16: 7-9
Psalm 19: 7-10
There are great questions at the end of each chapter to help you go deeper. Pick up the book; we will be doing a chapter a week. Next week will be talking about “Hearing God’s Voice.” Have a wonderfully blessed week.

Dear God, thank you so much for each person that took a few minutes out of their day today to stop and read the words you placed on my heart. God thank you for all that you are doing in my life and the lives of those around me. God, I feel like I get to take part in preparing the guest list for a party that will be taking place in Heaven one day and that You are throwing little pre-parties all over earth just to give us a taste of what is to come. God, this book has been such a blessing in my life and I pray that each person that takes the time to follow it’s instructions will be in awe of how their life changes when they decide to say yes to You. I pray that You will guide their words, guide their hearts, and guide their steps God to speak of You, love You, and grow closer to You every day. Amen.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Leigh! I'm enjoying the book and just in this little bit of time I've had it in my possession, less than 24 hours, it's begun to change my life, change my perspective on how God speaks to me and through me. I have decided to be that woman that says "Yes" to God. What a wonderful journey I will have by being obedient to Him!!
Love you!!

Missy said...

I am truly honored that my oldest and dearest friend invited me to share in this journey with her. I am amazed every time I hold my phone in my hand, thinking of her and how badly I need words of support and wisdom and she texts me words of encouragement and a Bible verse that pertains to exactly what I'm thinking. I am humbled to see my friend become such a warrior for God and see what life will be like for me when I learn to give in and just say yes (hopefully)! I love you and without being condescending, I am so proud of you. Thank you for always being there. You are truly inspiring and changing my life. God is definately smiling at you! Love and devotion,

Karen Dawkins said...

Thank you for your bold living. You challenge me to look deeper than I did before. And to say yes to God even without all the details worked out :D! It's an honor to be your friend!
Much love,

Renee Ingoe said...

I so love this book. I am the same way, I love to highlight and underline and make notes in the margins. The first time I read it it changed my life. So I am excited about reading it again. One of the things that really spoke to me (although there were many things) was where she said, don't miss divine interruptions . I had the opportunity to put that in practice just last week. Very cool! Thanks lysa and Leigh for thus book.