Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Ok, here’s the deal. I have heard this complaint from several different places in the last few days. I am having a “party” on Thursday, some friends coming to try out something that I really like and honestly I want to get some of it free, that’s why women have these “parties” ya’ll. I’ve also got an event at church that I am attending and I had a friend who had a celebration of an awesome accomplishment. People were invited. Plans were or are being made to ensure there are enough seating, refreshment and even prizes, but here is the problem. People who don't RSVP.

RSVP is French for "Répondez s'il vous plaît". Translation, “Please respond”.

I know I have sent out invites in several different ways and all people have to do is check their calendar and check off Yes, No, or Maybe so that I can be prepared. People don’t get upset if you say no. We all know people either aren’t interested or might have a scheduling conflict. That’s fine, but here is my question…Are we so busy with our lives, running around in a million directions, that we have lost our common courtesy? Courtesy is all about respect. I was raised to say Yes Ma’am and No Ma’am, please and thank-you, and to let someone know if I can or cannot attend a function where my presence has been requested.

This isn’t just about a party that I am having. People cry out that they are lonely, that no one cares, but we are a people who are all the time consuming and our biggest consumer is being busy and focusing only on the “I”. We have to climb out from behind the Iphone, the Ipad, and take off the Ipod and interact with real live breathing people. We are losing our social skills byte by byte. We are becoming a society that responds to life in 140 characters or less and we find out about others by reading their Facebook status updates.

I’m not saying that media is a bad thing. I have FB, I have a blog (which you know if you are reading this), and I have texting and messengers and voice mail, but am I the only one that is feeling the disconnect while being plugged into 10 different things?

These are all wonderful tools. But just like the television, video games, sports, etc. it all depends on how it is used and everything that God can use for good, satan can and will pervert. We have to wake up and become aware. Are we replacing real life conversation with a keypad and a monitor and if so why? Are we afraid? Are we so busy that we no longer have time for chats on the front porch or coffee without being plugged in just in case we miss something?

I get so frustrated when I am talking with friends and they are checking their phones to see what else is going on. They aren’t 100% with you, they are distracted by their 400+ friends on FB and whether their mafia group just got attacked or their crops need to be harvested (if you do FB you will get this.)

When you see a post on FB or read a friends email, do you call them or do you just hit the “like” button or respond via text? Can’t you see where satan is seeping in and pushing us further and further into isolation? Kids are losing the ability to converse unless it’s via text. Adults are spending more time with their CPU then their significant others. And people are preparing a table for friends to come and celebrate accomplishments and people are too caught up in the “I” to see the “you”.

Unplug, respond with a phone call at least, but a face-to-face would be best. And please, if you get an invite, let someone know if you can make it.

Yep, told you I’d been thinking a lot.


Karen Dawkins said...

Geesh, Leigh... We're on the same wavelength. I blogged today about loneliness and reaching out! God didn't intend us to go through life alone.

By the way, I did respond to your invite :) It was a useless "maybe" but I still don't know if I can come.


anisa said...

Guilty as charged....I did RSVP this morning even before I read this:)

Anonymous said...

I am in total agreement. I hate to see today's generation losing communication skills. I belong to the same old school as you do. My Mama taught me manners - yes, mam, thank you etc. I sent out invitations to Chris' Graduation cookout last year. I go 6 RSVPs. But not knowing how many were coming, I prepared food for all those invited. We had a lot of leftovers!! It is only common courtesy to let someone know whether or not to expect you. As you know, I did let you know as soon as I got your invitation that I would not be able to attend. My Mama would be proud of me!! Keep up the good blogs.
We also rescued a puppy the same weekend you did. But we decided to keep the one we rescued. Great little dog. Can't wait for you to see it.

Stephanie said...

Ok , WOW!!! Given our conversation this afternoon...too ironic!!

You are definitely not alone my friend . I too , get caught up in the " I " stuff in life . How come it's gotten so easy to put off the people we love/love us the most in life . . . and just let them know how much they matter to us ~ personally . To let them know how much their efforts are really appreciated and valued !

Thanks for your courage in writing this post , Leigh ! You're always so honest ...even when it hurts or is not easy to push the "publish" button ! Great reminder to extend and recieve His grace !!

Love you ~ Stephanie ;)

Nanners said...

Very well said! In face, a back porch visit is in order to discuss! this and lots of other mundane life moments that make us both so interesting...to each other!