Monday, July 19, 2010

Yep, it's been too long

Things at home have been very hectic. We have all been sick, WH and DD and I passed around stomach bugs like we were playing "hot potato" and then upper respiratory infections.  I felt like we were all typhoid Mary.  Most of the time when I would get off work it was straight to bed. I haven't bought groceries in weeks and thank God DD can do laundry and was willing to clean while mom was working.  She has been a lifesaver over the past 4 weeks when she wasn't feeling awful as well.  It's not been fun.

Everytime I got to feeling better and tried to jump back into life I would be knocked right back down and wind up back in bed.  This has been going on for almost a month.  I had to miss out on plans with friends and we weren't able to go to church.  It seemed to start a downward spiral. 

Not only was my body suffering from illness but my spirit began to grow ill.  Just like germs can gain a foothold and a stronghold over our bodies when our immune system is weak, satan can use our physical and emotional weaknesses to gain a foothold as well that can turn into a stronghold if we aren't careful.  

It has been an interesting journey this past month and I am so thankful that I feel like I'm coming out the other side of it now.  I've been in dark places before but didn't know what was missing or how to fix it.   There is a certain peace in knowing that what is missing, the reason it is getting "dark".  For me it was because I was missing the joy.  Thank about that and I'll be talking about it more. 


Look it up.  How do you define it? 

Leave a comment and tell me about your joy.  There might even be a prize. 

I'll be back, thank God.


Anonymous said...

I define joy as knowing that God loves me no matter what. He knows my failures before I make them and yet, He still loves me. I know He loves me because He blessed me by bringing you into my life.


Anonymous said...

On a very light side of Joy, aren't you joyous that you have a big jar of elephant sauce to go with that big elephant?? Glad you are feeling better Leigh, Rodney and McKenna. Love you all, Mom Ann

Karen Dawkins said...

Joy is knowing I'm God's daughter... and that no matter what (even a second broken toe in a month), that He will work it all out. :)

Romans 15:13!!!!

Glad you're on the mend. I've missed you.


Anonymous said...

Joy is seeing you post again.