Friday, October 9, 2009

Friends and Contest Winners!!!!

It was so much fun having the contest but what was even more fun for me was seeing what happens when friends come together. Stop for a minute and just think about the friends that God has brought into your life. Over the last few weeks my friends have been surrounding me from my group of God’s Girls Growing (G3) to friends that I serve with, to friends that hold me accountable, to friends that speak the truth in love and help me to see Him when sometimes all I see is me. True friends. We weren’t meant to go through this life alone. Jesus knew this and picked 12 men to follow him and they became his friends. Did they all agree, no, did they let Jesus down along the way, yes, did they love each other, most of the time, and did they, through the power of One man, change the entire world…yes. All by word of mouth too I might add. Before the age of twitter, facebook, blogs and the internet. Society has existed on word of mouth. I got to see that over the past few days first hand. People spreading the word about the blog, telling their friends, and people stopping by from all over, California, Canada and even overseas. How cool. Because a friend suggested they come by. Friendships are powerful. They can lift us up by speaking honestly but with love, they can hold us accountable by showing us where we stumble before we have a chance to fall, and they can hold us when we are too scared to hold on. My friends have all done that and more.

This will be brief this morning, well as brief as I can make it, I’d like to challenge you to think and pray for your friends today. Send someone a note on FB to let them know you are thinking of them, send them a card online if you want, just stop a few minutes and give a little bit of the love away. It’s free, it multiplies, never divides, and when you give a little bit you get so much more in return.

And the winners of the Blog Brain Contest are:

Amy New won the “What Happens..” book. She was picked via the Random Number Generator website.


Tammy Marquess won the “Becoming More…” book. Tammy sent more then 25 different people by the blog. Now that’s the wonder of word of mouth and sharing with our friends.
Thank you to everyone who stopped by. Ladies if you will email me your mailing address to leigh at leighfrance dot com. I will send out your books!

Thanks for playing everyone!!!!


Anonymous said...

The power of "word of mouth" is an amazing thing. This contest is proof of that. While these books are a wonderful gift, how much more wonderful is the gift of salvation. Spread the word of Christ and his gift of salvation for rewards that will last for an eternity.


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